Natural Gynecomastia Remedies that can Help Avoid Surgery

Gynecomastia is a male condition where the breast tissue distends, giving the chest a fuller womanish form. On the whole, gynecomastia is a harmless ailment. Either manifesting in one or both breasts, in some cases pain will accompany the swelling, this along with discharge from the nipples. In such cases, one is encouraged to seek immediate medical assistance.

Treating gynecomastia

The causes of gynecomastia will vary, from hyperthyroidism and hormone imbalance to kidney failure and even age. While gynecomastia isn’t exactly serious, men struggle with it because of the embarrassment it can cause them and the fact that gynecomastia if untreated can lead to more serious conditions, the most terrifying of which is breast cancer.ginecomastia

While most men will opt for surgery to remove their swollen breasts as the most efficient way of dealing with gynecomastia, there are a number of home remedies that might prove to be effective.

1.) Turmeric

What makes turmeric such a powerful medicament is the fact that it contains curcumin. Curcumin increases testosterone levels. Increased testosterone levels will not only compel swollen breasts to return to their natural size, but the chances of gynecomastia manifesting will be notably reduced.

For this remedy to work, you need to drink turmeric water (2 tablespoons of turmeric powder dissolved in a cup of water that has been allowed to simmer for ten minutes) at least two times a day for the next few weeks to reduce the size of your breasts.

2.) Fruits and vegetables

Green fruits and vegetables are healthy because they contain vitamins, minerals, and fibers. For this reason, when consumed, they can help the body eliminate excess fat which will, in turn, reduce one’s breasts.

3.) Cold compress

If your breasts swell to a point where you begin to feel pain, a cold compress will give you some relief. It will also reduce the swelling by causing the swollen cells to contract a bit.

4.) Seafood

You need to increase your intake of seafood that is rich in zinc. Seafood stimulates testosterone production, and the higher the testosterone levels the smaller the breasts. Oysters and lobsters will make your gynecomastia thinner - as well as your wallet, unfortunately.

5.) Green tea

Green tea burns fat, and if you are liable to gynecomastia, then you can probably try to lose some excess fat. The fact that green tea removes harmful toxins from the body is an added benefit.

6.) Red clover

This is a herb which uses an agent known as genistein to reduce the levels of estrogen (female hormone) in the body.

Treating gynecomastia the natural way almost always comes down to food and exercise. By building the muscles in your chest and increasing your testosterone levels via the foods you eat, you can manage gynecomastia without resorting to surgery.