Regular Exercise Can Perk up Your Sexual Health, Studies Reveal

Revelations from several studies carried out on men indicate that following a regular workout schedule improves sexual health. The experiment supports popular advice which encourages men to work out so as to enhance their sex life.

According to a study undertaken by a team of researchers from Harvard University School of Public Health on men aged 50 plus years, 31,000 individuals who engaged in workouts were in better sexual health than their less-active counterparts. They had stronger and more durable erections, their orgasm was more powerful, and the satisfaction was also better.

Regular ExerciseJorge Chavarro, MD, Harvard School of Public Health says that working-out on a regular basis not only boosts your physical health but sex life as well. Opening up of arteries allows more blood rich in oxygen to find its way into the penile region, and the end result is a firmer erection and more enjoyment in the bedroom.

The exercises don’t need to be too strenuous or requiring lots of time, simple workouts such as brisk walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times weekly is sufficient. Observing a break of 10 minutes after a session and maintaining consistency is all that is required to enjoy the benefits. And if done the right way, the sexual dysfunction issues such as premature ejaculation, low libido, poor erections and association risks decline.

The Journal of Urology also published a similar report which revealed that men who are physically active are less prone to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition symbolized with enlargement of the prostate, weak urinary system, low libido, or lack of stamina especially during sex. A lengthy study done on a group of men indicated that men who were active had a 50% chance of NOT being affected by urinary tract symptoms compared to their “potato couching” counterparts.

Improved sperm quality is also evident in men who have embraced a solid workout regimen, and according to British Journal of Sports Medicine, men who took part in mild or vigorous exercises for at least 15 hours in a week had healthier and high quality sperms meaning they were better placed to bear children than inactive men.

The conclusions from the different studies show that exercising regularly improves men’s sex life and it is not about the quantity but rather the consistency. Though looking simple and less effective, mild exercises can contribute to better sexual, physical, as well as emotional health, and it is up to men to make the first bold step and make regular exercising part of their lifestyle.