Tamoxifen For Bodybuilding

There has been a lot of debate based on the findings about Tamoxifen in bodybuilding supplements. So is it true? Well, first let’s know more about it. As you all know, cancer patients use Tamoxifen to prevent muscle loss and problems related to gynecomastia.

How Tamoxifen works

nolvadex-bodybuildingTamoxifen is drug that reduces the chances of developing certain types of breast cancer. It acts as estrogen antagonist in other words; it blocks the action of the hormone estrogen. Tamoxifen encourages low estrogen levels in the body. This condition of low estrogen levels is advantageous for bodybuilders. However, Tamoxifen used alongside some testosterone supplements, leads to low libido and muscle gains. This is because estrogen aids the development of muscle mass and boosting the libido. However, when bodybuilders take Tamoxifen, they block estrogen leading to more muscle gains. The only problem is that these drugs normally have risks or side effects. If you buy Tamoxifen in the clinic, you will find risks outlined. However, bodybuilders only want to gain muscles.

Risks of Tamoxifen Use

The drug acts as an estrogen antagonist but promotes estrogen in other parts of the body. This can lead to various health complications such as:

Lowering of free testosterone in the body that has an ultimate effect of lowering the desire to have sex in men. Nevertheless, testosterone should show some positive effects in the body, for instance increased muscle mass, strength, and libido. Lowering testosterone in the body accelerates muscle loss, and low libido. This will eventually have harmful effects to bodybuilders especially the results.

When estrogen acts in some body parts such as the liver, it lowers the synthesis of peptide hormone. This hormone is responsible for muscle building. By lowering its amount, bodybuilders will not gain muscles but will be struggling in vain.

Side effects of Tamoxifen

A Tamoxifen will realize some of the signs shown below:

  • Cataracts
  • Blood Clots especially in the lungs and legs
  • Stroke
  • Low libido
  • Mood swings
  • depression
  • Carcinogenic or increased risk of developing cancer
  • Liver damage

Bottom line

Doping and use of performance enhancement drugs in various sports have brought great debates that are never going to stop soon. This is because people always want the shortcuts. Gain muscles fast or generally realize results as quick as possible. Another reason is the misconception that most blogs impose on these athletes. In addition, they do not consult their doctors to learn how to use these drugs. Tamoxifen drug has risks and normally the cancer patients are warned against this. However, these bodybuilders believe that they are gaining muscles from using the drug. There is scientific proof that Tamoxifen can be used to build muscles, the drug is specifically produced for cancer patients.